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Promods Addons by dowmeister
This is a collection for Promods Addons
Contains 8 projects
Public Transport by dowmeister
Collection with Bus and Public Transport vehicles
Contains 3 projects
ATS Promods Addons by dowmeister
Contains 2 projects
ATS Maps by dowmeister
Contains 2 projects
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Little Mirrors For ETS2
Little Mirrors For ETS2 by Greenlightracer
Stop your F2 mirrors getting in your view, this mod puts them in the corners out of the way

1,200 5.0

[Mercedes Tourismo 16] Al Salem
[Mercedes Tourismo 16] Al Salem by MohSkinner
skin Al Salem for bus Mercedes Tourismo 16


Mb-New Tourismo - 2018
Mb-New Tourismo - 2018 by OyuncuyusBisMods
Kabin içi ışıkları yenilendi.2 renk koyuldu(sarı-beyaz-düşük ve yüksek seçenekli)

1,392 3.0

High Resolution Company Skins
High Resolution Company Skins by DOWL
Using AI upscaling this mod increases texture size to 4K for smooth and detailed textures, even when running the game at higher resolutions.

3,097 5.0

FSG Map by oyer24
A standalone map which recreate France Switzerland & Germany at 1:1 scale.

16,712 4.7

FSG Paint-jobs addon
FSG Paint-jobs addon by Farmers
This mod add some trucks and trailers paintjobs from reals companies of Alsace.


[OBSOLETE] EAA Map Combo Fix
[OBSOLETE] EAA Map Combo Fix by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Compatibillity fix for EAA with other Map Mods


[1.48] Project Balkans Map Combo Fix
[1.48] Project Balkans Map Combo Fix by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Fixes for Project Balkans Police appearing in other map mods

16,305 3.5

Lodeking Stepdeck
Lodeking Stepdeck by Gcode6969
Version 1 Lodeking Stepdeck

3,649 4.8

Aspen HB OilField
Aspen HB OilField by Gcode6969
This is my aspen highboy ingamed by me. Modeled by darmin d3d and habdorn.

1,732 5.0

Project Texas is hight quality, detailed map mod for American truck simulator which focus on adding new areas of upcoming Texas dlc to the game


Iberia Rebuild
Iberia Rebuild by Moreira
This Mod consists in expanding the map of Iberia, also remaking some areas that already exist in the same DLC.

152,297 4.8

Midwest Expansion C2C Required
Midwest Expansion C2C Required by Jacemeister
This map is an currently an addon to Coast to Coast and adds new detail around the US.

57,310 4.5

Mercedes-Benz New Travego 16 SHD
Mercedes-Benz New Travego 16 SHD by KskLi1453
The 7th camera and more, which is not included in the game engine and is the first in the world!

3,360 5.0

Mercedes-Benz New Travego 15 SHD
Mercedes-Benz New Travego 15 SHD by KskLi1453
-The 7th camera and more, which is not included in the game engine and is the first in the world!


Temsa Safir II VIP
Temsa Safir II VIP by KskLi1453
If you want a quality bus mod, the answer is here!

379 5.0

İrizar i8 Integral
İrizar i8 Integral by OyuncuyusBisMods
The Bull of Spain is a complete perfectionist for this job

1,640 4.5

New Travego 16 SHD
New Travego 16 SHD by OyuncuyusBisMods
You can use it to log in to Euro Truck Simulator 2 =)


Grand Utopia Map
Grand Utopia Map by MyGodness
Grand Utopia is a fictional standalone map project, in a 1:1 scale.

101,291 4.8

CAT 3406E Straight pipe sound
CAT 3406E Straight pipe sound by Slav Jerry
This mod is CAT 3406E with straight pipe sound for SCS and modded trucks

6,988 4.6

Reforma by Eblem
Reforma map mod which includes vast regions in Mexico and the United States. Please support or

305,806 4.7

Reforma Mega Resources
Reforma Mega Resources by Eblem
Mega package file that includes 3D models, assets, signs, vegetation and other props for American Truck Simulator.

59,132 5.0

MUO/Reforma Compatibility Patch
MUO/Reforma Compatibility Patch by defeoac
This mod adds connections between Reforma Map and Quaristice's Minor Urban Overhaul.

35,091 5.0

Project Better Arizona
Project Better Arizona by AzNate
Additions and improvements for Arizona in ATS.

39,154 4.7

Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast by Homburg
The original map expansion for American Truck Simulator.

55,853 4.6

[1.49] Jerry's Route Adviser (ETS2)
[1.49] Jerry's Route Adviser (ETS2) by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Minimal Route Adviser for ETS2

3,295 5.0