Trucks for American Truck Simulator

Kenworth T660 2009
Kenworth T660 2009 by JorgeGamer44444
Tractocamión Kenworth T660 American Truck Simulator Estilo Mexicano

10,029 4.5

Project 3XX
Project 3XX by guidot
Half Fast Gaming's answer to having any 1990's Peterbilt 3XX series truck you'd like in your garage!

7,407 4.8

90's Corporation Truck
90's Corporation Truck by TheOtherCorey
This is my take on the products Volvo/GM Heavy Truck Corporation produced in the early to mid 90's.

5,463 4.9

BiggDogg Pete 379
BiggDogg Pete 379 by Bigg_Dogg89
1987-2003 Pete 379 glider. Build to you needs!

3,154 4.0

Harley-Davidson International Lonestar
Harley-Davidson International Lonestar by Jacob94
The 2023 Harley Davidson International Lonestar Is Here And now In ATS.

2,523 4.9

RSH W900A Addon
RSH W900A Addon by RSH Modding
My W9a addon for the w9a off the workshop

2,110 5.0

International 9900i×9300
International 9900i×9300 by Overfloater
International 9900i edited to look like a 9300.

1,694 5.0

Dodge Ram 2500 - 3500 [FREE MOD]
Dodge Ram 2500 - 3500 [FREE MOD] by Felipe Jansen
Simple RAM mod with many external options, three interior options, compatible with wheel mods, SiLS Interior Megapack and Kiershcbaum Sound Pack

1,369 5.0

[SCR] Scot A2HD v2
[SCR] Scot A2HD v2 by Smarty
A 1970's rarity from eastern Canada. Fully featured with a decent selection of customization options and paint jobs.

870 5.0

Mack RS700L & Fruehauf Tanker
Mack RS700L & Fruehauf Tanker by Schumi
Mack RS700L & Fruehauf Tanker sold at Mack dealership.

771 1.0

RSH Mack R Rigid Addon
RSH Mack R Rigid Addon by RSH Modding
A rigid addon for the Mack R by Harven

719 4.0

Kenworth W900L  Accesories Pack
Kenworth W900L Accesories Pack by JorgeGamer44444
The main functionality is to add some extra accessories to the scs Kenworth W900L

606 5.0

Aradeth's Volvo VNL 670 updated by Digital X
Aradeth's Volvo VNL 670 updated by Digital X by Digital X
Updating Aradeth's Volvo VNL 670.

521 3.3

T680 Accesories Pack
T680 Accesories Pack by JorgeGamer44444
SCS T680 Accessory Pack

475 4.0

[SCR] Peterbilt 350
[SCR] Peterbilt 350 by Smarty
The original long-hood Peterbilt conventional - presented with a modest variety of cabin and chassis variations and a good selection of accessories.

322 5.0