Reward Program FAQ

How do I get into the Reward Program?

To enter the Reward Program you must first be recognized as a Verified Creator.
After your first project is manually approved you will normally recieve the verified role. If you do not, then please come to our Discord, open a ticket and ask to be verified.
After being verified, you can access your payment settings from your Dashboard and enter your Paypal email.

What is Creator's Balance?

The Creator's Balance represents your earnings over time: it is updated at the end of every month, after the Advertising platform confirms the total revenue for the previus month. 

The Balance is calculated based on the total platform earnings, divided by total number of downloads, multiplied by the number of downloads you had that month. In this way we calculate it in a totally fair mode, dividing the earnings proportionally over all creators. 

How much is a download worth?

It is not known until the end of the month and the final calculation of the Balance: the Reward Program is based on revenue generated by adverts. Whilst being quite unpredictable most of the time, there are some patterns throughout the year on how much advertising money can be made. Normally, at the start of the year the advertising value is the lowest, and it gradually increases throughout the year peaking at around the December holdiay season. Additionally, there are slight drops between quarters or spikes during holiday seasons throughout the year. 

Is there a minimum cap?

Yes, payment is issued when the total Balance is at least $5. If you do not reach the minimum ceiling, the Balance remains valid for the following months waiting for you to exceed the minimum cap. 

How do I get paid?

Simply enter your Paypal account email in the payment settings.

When is the payment issued?

Payment is issued on the first 10 days of the following month: when the Advertisting platform closes the month, the total earnings are divided and payments issued. You will receive an email from TruckyMods about the actual sending of the payment.

Any other questions?

Visit us on our Discord to discuss them, open a ticket to speak directly with the TruckyMods Team.