Best Mods for American Truck Simulator

Harley-Davidson International Lonestar
Harley-Davidson International Lonestar by Jacob94
The 2023 Harley Davidson International Lonestar Is Here And now In ATS.

8,016 4.9

Australian Outback Map
Australian Outback Map by Rob_Viguurs
Australian Outback Map is located around the area of Charleville. The map is build around accuracy and realism.

5,309 4.9

Improved Weather ATS Edition V1.0
Improved Weather ATS Edition V1.0 by Ticreut29
"Improved Weather (IW)" Is an Weather and Graphics mods trying to recreate the feels of older graphics/weather mod before 1.40 update.

1,490 5.0

Edison L Series
Edison L Series by guidot
Provided here by Edison Motors, modeled by Daramin 3D Design Studios and in gamed by HFG.

1,288 4.0