2022 Harley Davidson International Lonestar

It's finally beta released. The all new 2022 Harley Davidson International Lonestar is here and more bad to the bone as it ever was 8-) 

Credits to all that helped or let me use parts to make this possible. Credits to Corey and 5150 3D for their hard work and dedication for this mod from 2020. 

This mod replaces the existing Lonestar with a reworked version. Some parts will work with the stock one, however all parts will work with the 5150 73" sleeper and 5150 frame combo as well as the SCS Sleepers and the new 8x4 Chassis Options. This is by design, so you can truly have a work of art.


  • New Harley Badges New Sunvisor edited by Jacob94. 
  • Harven for his HX520h Interior edited by Jacob94. 
  • Fiberton For His Hood Deflector, Magnum Bumper and Eaton Fuller Shifter from Lonestar Reworked Pack. 
  • Lane Gaming for His Harley Hubcaps.
  • Krille for helping me with the new frame trim piece. 

Known Bugs Will Fix Soon

  • Extra Reverse Light Flare on SCS chassis. 
  • HX520 Interior Shows Up when truck enabled with the Harley Davidson Lonestar
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