UI for Euro Truck Simulator 2

ProMods High Quality Extended Background Map by DOWL
High quality extended background map for use with any ProMods based mod map combination.

1,583 4.3

ProMods Complete Afroeurasia Background Map by DOWL
Complete background map for ProMods covering Afroeurasia north of the equator.

1,067 5.0

SCS Scale Hack Disable by DOWL
Ensures the SCS scale hack is disabled.

970 5.0

ProMods New Map Icons ETS2 by Nathan_A_RF
New map icons for ETS2 based mainly on the pre-1.41 icon set. Compatible with the base game and the ProMods map, but also works with any map mod.

804 5.0

ProMods High Quality Background Map by DOWL
High quality background map for ProMods.

692 5.0

Little Mirrors For ETS2 by Greenlightracer
Stop your F2 mirrors getting in your view, this mod puts them in the corners out of the way


Universal English Localization for Map Mods by iMarbot
Some map mods do not properly provide localization for their city & country names to English or the local language; this mod aims to fix that.

314 3.7

Etrusan's Mod Collection by Etrusan
Changes various UI elements for slightly better immersion.


ETS 2 Minimal Route Advisor Top Bar (mini mirrors in the corner) by ArqeNade
Minimal Route Advisor Top Bar (mini mirrors in the corner)


No Mouse Steering Widget by Etrusan
Disables the mouse steering widget.


Original Loading Screen Mod by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Changes the loading screen back to its original self


ETS2 - GMC Logistics Loading Screen by GMC Logistics
Mod created by Aradeth Adapted for GMC Logistics VTC and change the UI of the loading screen.