Worlds Combined Background Map

This map is originally based - with Credits to DOWL and ProMods - on DOWL's ProMods Complete Afroeurasia Background Map:

and has been manually modified, redrawn and colored to fit with maps based on BenganJ's global background map.

Colors the map Euro Truck Simulator 2 in a similar state as default Google Maps.

This map is meant to be used in combination and compatible with Scale Hack Disable, ProMods, PM Middle East, Project Caucasus, AZGE, RoExtended, RusMap, VolgaMap, Southern Region, SibirMap, Road to Asia, The Great Steppe and further additional maps like Swedish Island Map Wombat, Rhodes, Mediteranian Expansion, Viva Malta, Project Balkans, Finnmark, JRR and probably a few more.

I recommend to use a "Full Screen Map" mod. For JRR use the default DEF, not the ProMods targeted.

Which means: This world background map does not reflect the real world correctly in every section but has been adjusted to fit to the created ingame world of several maps, which used different world projections.

Corfu has not been adjusted and Rhodes has been massively moved towards Turkey.

Jersey Island has been increased in size and a few cities like Aktau, Koper and more, gained extended coastlines, so they do not float in water.

All configurations are separate files, so you can modify to your liking. If you want to have a wider zoom, change zoom_uplift[7] >200000.

Recommended Loading Order:

  1. Scale Hack Disable
  2. Full Screen Map
  3. [Your custom map configurations for colors, zoom etc.]
  4. Background Map
  5. Icon Mods
  6. other Mods

Melphiz Worlds Combined Background Map (C) 2022, based on

ProMods Complete Afroeurasia Background Map (C) ProMods MMXXI

Image Sources: NASA GISS, Google, GeoBasis, Inst. Geog. Nacional, Mapa GIsrael, Micro World Data Bank II. Rev 9

Note: This mod is not OpenGL compatible as it uses BC7 compressed textures for better quality.

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This Euro Truck Simulator 2 add-on was created by Melphiz and shared in UI for Euro Truck Simulator 2.