Sound Fixes Pack
Sound Fixes Pack by Drive Safely
This mod has been bringing more immersion to common sounds in the game for over 8 years!

15,237 5.0

Poland Rebuilding
Poland Rebuilding by Michaleczeq
PR is a map that completly rebuilds Poland on ProMods map. Besides new road network, it offers many new intresting cities, towns and villages.

9,783 5.0

Worlds Combined Background Map
Worlds Combined Background Map by Melphiz
Combines ProMods/DOWL and BenganJ based backgrounds into one, for less misalignment - and colors the map in a similar state as default Google Maps.

24,102 4.6

Horn of Africa
Horn of Africa by Kiko
Horn of Africa is a map of Somalia and Kenya, with plans to expand into all neighboring countries

20,806 4.5

Île-de-France (Paris Suburbs) Map 1:1
Île-de-France (Paris Suburbs) Map 1:1 by Georges93
Île-de-France map or Paris suburbs map is inspired by the Île-de-France region (Paris region). The map is standalone and the size is approximately 1:1

3,499 5.0

Mammoet Scania Series 1 Tandem
Mammoet Scania Series 1 Tandem by Paulys Custom Skins
Mammoet Scania Series 1 Tandem

130 5.0

[1.49] Road to Asia Fix
[1.49] Road to Asia Fix by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Fixed Korean Toll Booths that Crash the game

36,726 4.9