Horn of Africa

Experience the thrill of truck driving in Somalia! Conquer untamed landscapes, forge lifelong bonds, and grow the Somali economy. Have fun driving on dirt roads everywhere and some challenging ones with hundreds of kilometers without any gas stations in sight. Drive through mesmerizing landscapes and experience the natural wonders of Somalia and get out of your comfort zonе!

If you want support and help with anything, join my Discord server, link in my Trucky profile

The map is depended on ProMods Middle East, so in order to play it you first have to download ProMods Middle East.

The mod includes 2 '.scs' files, one for Def/Map and other for assets. The load order for everything is:

Horn of Africa - Def/Map

Horn of Africa - Models/Assets

ProMods Middle East 2.68 - Def/Map

ProMods Middle East 2.68 - Assets and Materials Package

ProMods 2.68 - Definition Package

ProMods 2.68 - Map Package

ProMods 2.68 - Media Package

ProMods 2.68 - Models 1 Package

ProMods 2.68 - Models 2 Package

ProMods 2.68 - Models 3 Package

ProMods 2.68 - Assets Package

Credits to the everyone who helped with this project <3

Team: Ciezarowkarz, SaltySeeds06

Beta Testers: HamzaB67, Endozv, SaltySeeds06, Ciezarowkarz

Honorable mentions: Milan, Vlad21farm, Niels, SirLobs

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