Best Mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Bulgaria in Focus
Bulgaria in Focus by emhogg
Bulgaria in Focus is a map mod that aims to expand Southern and eventually all of Bulgaria.

17,461 4.2

Ukraine Expansion
Ukraine Expansion by Deidra
The Mod expands ProMods Ukraine and adds few new cities and roads

10,613 4.7

Off the grid - Russia
Off the grid - Russia by Kiko
Explore the untamed beauty of Siberian outback roads or so called - off the grid with my map!

4,206 3.6

Farsel's Cab Cats ETS2 Edition
Farsel's Cab Cats ETS2 Edition by Farsel
This mod allows you to travel the highways with a feline companion. Cats are fully animated and come with a few essential cat items.

1,821 5.0