JRR (Java Road Revolution) - Indonesia Map [Type A - Default Version]

It is one of the best Indonesia real add-on map for ETS2 so far. Driving into the Metropolitan city of Jakarta & Banten Province. Feel the diversity from each place and road along this map, from big & complex cities, busy port & industry areas, even goes into countryside.

This map is going to expand further along Java Island in the future.

Latest Version : JRR v0.7 ETS2 Version : 1.47, 1.48 & 1.49

Type A : Default version - Usable for every background map available.

Main Contents / Features :

  1. "Jabodetabek" Metropolitan Area : Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang (not added Bekasi yet)
  2. Banten Province : Cilegon
  3. A lot of realistic scenery Indonesia bus station in every cities.
  4. Port / ferry access : Tanjung Priok (Jakarta), Merak Seaport (Banten)
  5. Real Indonesian motorway sections : JORR (Jakarta Outer Ring Road), Jagorawi, Jakarta - Merak etc.

Notes :

  • REQUIRED using additional Background Map to view JRR Map position from GPS or UI Map
  • No need to have full DLCs (you can use this map without map DLC, even if you don’t have completed one)
  • Definitely compatible with many add-on maps, especially for Europe & Global map combo

Mod's Load Order :

For map combo, generally put all JRR map files below every other add-on map.

  • (--top--) Background Map
  • (...all other mods put here...)
  • (...all other addon maps put here...)
  • - JRR_Def&Map[...ETS2 version...].scs
  • - JRR_Assets&Models1.scs
  • - JRR_Assets&Models2.scs (--bottom--) 

JRR Map Preview (Updated : 18 August 2023)