Map Assets for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Horn of Africa
Horn of Africa by Kiko
Horn of Africa is a map of Somalia and Kenya, with plans to expand into all neighboring countries

27,633 4.6

Iberia Signs Rework
Iberia Signs Rework by ussef212
Iberia Signs Rework

2,854 5.0

Portugal Rebuild UI add-on
Portugal Rebuild UI add-on by Manuel
Adds various pop-ups of the adminstrative regions in Portugal.

2,151 5.0

Sipesor Universal Background Map Editor (SUBME) ETS
Sipesor Universal Background Map Editor (SUBME) ETS by sipesor
SUBME mod covers the entire continents of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, as well as Greenland. Base on BenganJ World Background UI Map.

1,695 5.0

Viva Malta 2.1
Viva Malta 2.1 by Boberowsky
Malta Addon for Promods (Overrides promods malta)


Europe Enhanced
Europe Enhanced by OnyxCrow22
This mod aims to fix up parts of Europe to be more realistic

1,086 4.0

Project Lofoten
Project Lofoten by Euromaps
Check the pictures on the bottom!


Greenland Tweaks
Greenland Tweaks by hi sora
Tweaks & merges 3 Greenland mods

139 5.0

K-DOG's ETS2 BlackJack Garage v1.50.1
K-DOG's ETS2 BlackJack Garage v1.50.1 by K-DOG
BlackJack Garage for ETS2 v1.50

9 5.0