Other for American Truck Simulator

Montana/Canadream RC by xRECONLOBSTERx
This is needed if using Coast2Coast with Canadream.

10,825 5.0

Little Mirrors For ATS by Greenlightracer
Stop your F2 mirrors getting in your view, this mod puts them in the corners out of the way

546 5.0

High Resolution Company Skins ATS by DOWL
Using AI upscaling this mod increases texture size to 4K for smooth and detailed textures, even when running the game at higher resolutions.

515 5.0

1.40/1.41 Patch for GTM's Kenworth T610 by Toaster9k1
A patch I threw together to get GTM's Kenworth T610 working on 1.40+


English - Google Maps Voice (UK) by KoolHoven
Google Maps GPS Voice Mod


DOWL's Universal Map Editor Background ATS by DOWL
Large editor background with coverage of North America.

169 3.0

International 9900i Addons by Digital X
A few addons & tweaks for the newly released International 9900i.


International 9900i Plaster & Sons by xRECONLOBSTERx
International 9900i Plaster & Sons truck skin.


Polish - Jacobo navigation voice (PL) by kratos (Jakubox 2017 Nor-Vit)
Jacobo navigation voice will lead you on the right path in game ATS. Tested on: - 1.43 - 1.44