Physics & Camera Mod Compatibility Patch

What This Mod Does:

This mod takes the best of Physics mods for ATS and combines them, and adds support for modded trucks. It also adds mod truck support for unlimited camera mods. (mod is still necessary for some default trucks. Files are included, but some trucks are missing.)

This mod also changes the default FFB LUTs for Logitech G and Driving Force wheels to improve the FFB (Serves as a pseudo FFB fix). Honestly, as much as this is an improvement, I recommend the FFB Plugin found here: 


If you use MOMO's steering, disable that and enable this, as it will overwrite this mod & visa versa. This mod adjusts the same value so if you like that mod this should work for you all the same.

This mod also adjusts the clutch function in game. Double clutching should be much easier now, and you should be less likely to grind when double clutching. Eventually, I plan on creating a version that goes through and mutes the transmission grinding sounds for default and sound mods, and modded transmissions, but that is a toll order and will take an obscene amount of time. This was tested with synchronized shifting at 0 (off).

The other thing this mod does is produce more natural wear and tear on the chassis and other parts, which is a feature that was planned for a few separate physics mods, that never came to be.

Requirements (All on Steam):

This mod requires FRKN64's Realistic Physics, Eddie Yantz's ATS Physics Tweak (Dry Surfaces), and and Air Seat mod. Any other mods that modify chassis files or physics.sii should be below this in the load order for the changes in these mods to function.

FRKN64's Realistic Physics:

ATS Physics Tweak (Dry Surfaces:

AirSeat Ride:

Recommended Settings:

All Stability Sliders: 0

Cabin Suspension: 0-25

Suspension Stiffness: 78

Driveshaft Torque: 100

Steering & Controls:

I've left a link to the controls.sii file and configs I recommend using. I spent weeks working on getting the steering just right, as an IRL trucker. Alternatively I've also just left the steering line on the steam page as well. See this post for how it works.


I Highly recommend using my files, or playing around with yours as described in the post above. As a trucker IRL, the default steering calculation is far too sensitive. It's still not perfect. IRL the steering cannot respond instantly to input, the way it does ingame. If you look at video, you'll see many tuckers making large, brief inputs, but not getting abrupt motions in return. This is because the input is translated through the steering box, and then through to the rack. This not only introduces a slight delay, but also dampens the effect of inputs. IRL, to maintain a straight line, with the wind, uneven road surface, other trucks etc. around, you have to make large enough corrections on the wheel to get an appropriate reaction from the wheels as they are on the tarmac. In ATS however, any input you give it is translated through the system to the wheels directly. I have tried my best to mimic the effect I spoke about, with what I could find online, and knew how to do. I've driven Cascadia's, T680's, a T880, VNL's, 579's, and a Mack IRL. I've tried to get to a close approximation of how they feel, but as I said, it's still sensitive and not perfect.

Controls.sii File:

Steering Config Line:

"mix steering `dsteering - (0.19 * normalize(abs(j_steer?0), c_steer_dz) + (0.81 * (c_steer_func / 2)) * pow(normalize(abs(j_steer?0), c_steer_dz), 1.75)) * sign(sel(c_jisteer, -j_steer?0, j_steer?0))`"

Load Order:

-Air Ride/Camera mod of your choice (Only if you'd like to override Eddie Yantz's mod)

--This Mod

---FRKN64's Realistic Physics

----Eddie Yantz Physics Tweaks

-----Air Ride/Camera mod of your choice (If you'd like the above mods to take priority)

(This mod was originally destined for the Steam Workshop, but I couldn't get the uploader to recognize the dependencies, thank you to truckymods for having a much more reasonable upload system)

Here is a snapshot of the supported mod trucks as of now:

This includes all of the Jon Ruda trucks, Pinga's 389, and more.

If there is a truck you'd like me to add, just let me know and where I can find the truck's def files.

I made this patch because, as a real trucker, I felt that things were just not quite right in certain ways, and I've spent quite a while working on rectifying that. I'm struggling health wise and I've been out of the seat. Trucking is what keeps me sane, so i wanted to bring that experience back home with me as close as I can. Thank you to everyone who made the mods this uses. They did the real work.

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