Frequently Asked Questions

Website Based Questions

Q: I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

You can reset your password using the link here, we will send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.  

Q: I did not receive a verification email, what can I do?

Try pressing the send again button on your profile settings, check all your junk folders, and wait at least 15 minutes. If this doesn't work after multiple tries, contact Trucky Support. 

Q: How do I add mods to my game, through the manual download?

After you've pressed the 'Manual Download' button, the mod will download and appear in your 'Downloads' folder. From there you move it to:

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod
Note C may be different for you, depending on what drive you installed American Truck Simulator/Euro Truck Simulator on.

This will then appear in your games mod manager, where you can activate your mod. 

Q: The mod I downloaded isn't working, what do I do?

Firstly, make sure you are using the mod, on the right game version, and have all required DLCs for it, as well as other mods. If none of this helps, you should take a look at the mods project page, and see if there are any issues to the solution there. 

Q: I uploaded my mod but it still says 'Pending Approval', how long do I have to wait?

Trucky has a team of moderators who manually approve all mods uploaded to the site, to make sure they are uploaded by the original author and do not contain any rule-breaking content. Usually, this approval does not take more than a day, and may just take a matter of hours. After you've used the site to upload mods for a certain period, or uploaded a certain amount of mods, your mods won't have to go through the approval process anymore.