Trailers for American Truck Simulator

[SCR] Fontaine Phantom by Smarty
A well-optimized aluminum flatbed supporting SCS cargoes and trailer ownership. Also includes a sidekit option.

758 5.0

[SCR] Alutrec Flatbed by Smarty
A very Canadian all-aluminum flatbed featuring Ontario/Quebec SPIF axle configurations. For trailer ownership only.

537 5.0

[SCR] Trailmobile SuperVan 90 by Smarty
This Canadian dry van from the 80's/early 90's is ownable in a variety of lengths and axle configurations and also supports freight market jobs.

523 5.0

[SCR] Sparta 4 Bolster Log Trailer by Smarty
A typical steel plantation-style log trailer supporting ownership, freight market, and World of Trucks.

500 5.0

Stoughton Z-Plate by guidot
This is an ownable 53' dryvan trailer.


RD Moving Van by Krille
Simple moving van, with skins, own wheels, and more


Utility 4000DX by guidot
The legendary Utility dryvan 4000DX


Butane Fuel Trailer by guidot
Butane Fuel Trailer from Haulin' 18WOS.

330 5.0

[SCR] Peerless CTS-42 Chip Van by Smarty
A lightweight, high payload chip van for in-woods use. Supports ownership, freight market, and quick jobs.

326 5.0

Manac Ultraplate by guidot
Manac Ultraplate (2011) Common in North America, this trailer has a number of skins and is ready to haul from the cargo market. Non-ownable for now.


EAST Genesis Dump by guidot
EAST Genesis dump trailer for SCS loads.


EAST Open Top Dump (model by banshee) by guidot
EAST Open Top Dump Originally a quad axle only, but added tri and spread.


[SCR] Timpte Super Seal by Smarty
A classic reefer with a distinctive appearance. Available in two lengths and two heights.


Fruehauf Dryvan circa 1975 by guidot
Model by dcving, ingame by guidot (HFG)