[SCR] Smarty's Wheel Pack by Smarty
163 2021-05-21 1.6  (3)
This mod contains an assortment of high quality wheels and tires, with a focus on mixed-service and long haul applications.
[SCR] Scot A2HD v2 by Smarty
106 2021-05-21 2.0.2  (1)
A 1970's rarity from eastern Canada. Fully featured with a decent selection of customization options and paint jobs.
[SCR] Fontaine Phantom by Smarty
111 2021-06-28 1.1.4  (1)
A well-optimized aluminum flatbed supporting SCS cargoes and trailer ownership. Also includes a sidekit option.
[SCR] Peerless CTS-42 Chip Van by Smarty
88 2021-05-30 1.0  (2)
A lightweight, high payload chip van for in-woods use. Supports ownership, freight market, and quick jobs.
[SCR] Sparta 4 Bolster Log Trailer by Smarty
104 2021-05-30 1.0.2  (1)
A typical steel plantation-style log trailer supporting ownership, freight market, and World of Trucks.
[SCR] Alutrec Flatbed by Smarty
121 2021-07-13 1.1.2  (1)
A very Canadian all-aluminum flatbed featuring Ontario/Quebec SPIF axle configurations. For trailer ownership only.
[SCR] Trailmobile SuperVan 90 by Smarty
131 2021-06-14 1.1.1  (2)
This Canadian dry van from the 80's/early 90's is ownable in a variety of lengths and axle configurations and also supports freight market jobs.