Exterior accessories for American Truck Simulator

TIS Pack
TIS Pack by StonerIsh420
This is a mod of 9 rims modeled after the TIS company rims and 2 different tires.

2,113 5.0

Project 3XX LEDs+
Project 3XX LEDs+ by guidot
All lights that are included in Project 3XX moved to a separate mod.


[SCR] Smarty's Wheel Pack
[SCR] Smarty's Wheel Pack by Smarty
This mod contains an assortment of high quality wheels and tires, with a focus on mixed-service and long haul applications.

1,482 4.2

Additional Parts for 9900i
Additional Parts for 9900i by guidot
The International 9900i is out! Here's a few parts that will help you stand out from the rest!

857 5.0

Wheels from Project 3XX
Wheels from Project 3XX by guidot
Here lives some of the wheels and tires from the various Project 3XX versions.


GTM Kenworth T610 Enhancement Pack
GTM Kenworth T610 Enhancement Pack by Toaster9k1
Accessory pack for GTM's Kenworth T610 for American Truck Simulator.

622 4.7

Corby's Western Star 49x Parts Pack by HFG
Corby's Western Star 49x Parts Pack by HFG by guidot
Corby has modeled some gems here for the 49x and I was asked to get them in game for your enjoyment!


Heavy Floats
Heavy Floats by CWeaver
Heavy haul front end floats

307 4.0

T680 Accesories Pack
T680 Accesories Pack by JorgeGamer44444
SCS T680 Accessory Pack

294 4.0

Project 389
Project 389 by guidot
Adding the wonderful parts by DDS to the SCS 389!


International 9900i Addons
International 9900i Addons by Digital X
A few addons & tweaks for the newly released International 9900i.


Kenworth K100E Drom Addon
Kenworth K100E Drom Addon by Krille
Drom chassis for Kenworth K100E by Overfloater


Moto Skull *WIP*
Moto Skull *WIP* by StonerIsh420
NOT FINISHED; version Alpha


300 Gallon Tank
300 Gallon Tank by Lethal Swanson
Adds 300 gal Tank to Cascadia, LT, and 57x


Lonestar Custom Grill
Lonestar Custom Grill by ChampsCustomz
Lonestar Custom Grill