All Mods for American Truck Simulator

Reforma by Eblem
8352 2021-07-28  (5)
Reforma map mod which includes vast regions in Mexico and the United States. Please support or
50 United (Former Midwest Expansion) C2C Required by Jacemeister
2546 2021-07-19 0.164  (2)
This map is an currently an addon to Coast to Coast and adds new detail around the US. It will eventually become C2C independent in the future.
Montana Expansion/C2C by xRECONLOBSTERx
1352 2021-08-03 v1.0.0.5  (1)
New Recently Updated
This version is for 1.41, also this is the download you need to use with Coast2Coast.
ProMods Complete North American Background Map by OfficialDOWL
1272 2021-07-13 1.1b  (1)
High quality background map for ATS with full coverage of North America.
Project: Mid-Atlantic by GrayBones
1195 2021-07-20 Public C2C Compatible  (2)
C2C rebuild of the Mid-Atlantic region.
Kenworth T660 2009 by JorgeGamer44444
907 2021-07-19 1.41  (1)
Tractocamión Kenworth T660 American Truck Simulator Estilo Mexicano
ATS Better Traffic by Greenlightracer
643 2021-08-01 1.41r1  (1)
New Recently Updated
Aims to give a better traffic experience
Project Better Arizona by AzNate
635 2021-06-19 0.1-R  (1)
Additions and improvements for Arizona in ATS.
Montana/Canadream RC by xRECONLOBSTERx
564 2021-08-03 v1.1  (1)
New Recently Updated
This is needed if using Coast2Coast with Canadream.
Coast to Coast by Homburg
477 2021-08-01 2.11.15  (4)
New Recently Updated
The original map expansion for American Truck Simulator.
US 24 Extension by Digital X
354 2021-07-26 1.3.2(LP)  (1)
US 24 Extension extends North East from Colorado Springs to a nearby highway.
Australian Outback Map by Rob_Viguurs
279 2021-05-20 1.0e  (4)
Australian Outback Map is located around the area of Cooladdi. The map is build around accuracy and realism.
Project 3XX by guidot
265 2021-06-22 2.142
Half Fast Gaming's answer to having any 1990's Peterbilt 3XX series truck you'd like in your garage!
Peterbilt 386 by rmodjeski
257 2021-07-05 7
The official Peterbilt 386 mod for ATS, a R.Modjeski mod.
Island Map by Duckie
256 2021-06-25 0.1.5  (2)
Island Map adds the state of Hawaii to ATS. Explore the Big Island Today!
ProMods New Map Icons ATS by Nathan_A_RF
199 2021-06-18 1.0  (1)
New map icons for ATS based mainly on the ETS2 pre-1.41 icon set. Compatible with the base game and ProMods Canada, but also works with any map mod.
Sound Fixes Pack by Drive Safely
198 2021-07-31 21.50  (2)
New Recently Updated
- Pack provides essential improvements to common sounds in the game for increased immersion.
Montana Expansion Standalone/Great America by xRECONLOBSTERx
183 2021-08-02 v1.0.0.4
New Recently Updated
This version is standalone or can be used with Great America!
Little Mirrors For ATS by Greenlightracer
179 2021-06-09 1.39  (1)
Stop your F2 mirrors getting in your view, this mod puts them in the corners out of the way
[SCR] Smarty's Wheel Pack by Smarty
163 2021-05-21 1.6  (3)
This mod contains an assortment of high quality wheels and tires, with a focus on mixed-service and long haul applications.
High Resolution Company Skins ATS by OfficialDOWL
150 2021-05-16 1.0  (1)
Using AI upscaling this mod increases texture size to 4K for smooth and detailed textures, even when running the game at higher resolutions.
[SCR] Trailmobile SuperVan 90 by Smarty
131 2021-06-14 1.1.1  (2)
This Canadian dry van from the 80's/early 90's is ownable in a variety of lengths and axle configurations and also supports freight market jobs.
Desert Truck Map by OfficialDOWL
125 2021-05-19 1.40  (3)
Desert Truck 1.0, drive in 1:1 scale the 580km (360 mile) route through the desert from Tucson to Las Vegas.
[SCR] Alutrec Flatbed by Smarty
121 2021-07-13 1.1.2  (1)
A very Canadian all-aluminum flatbed featuring Ontario/Quebec SPIF axle configurations. For trailer ownership only.
[SCR] Fontaine Phantom by Smarty
111 2021-06-28 1.1.4  (1)
A well-optimized aluminum flatbed supporting SCS cargoes and trailer ownership. Also includes a sidekit option.
GTM Kenworth T610 Enhancement Pack by Toaster9k1
109 2021-06-18 1.0  (1)
Accessory pack for GTM's Kenworth T610 for American Truck Simulator.
[SCR] Scot A2HD v2 by Smarty
106 2021-05-21 2.0.2  (1)
A 1970's rarity from eastern Canada. Fully featured with a decent selection of customization options and paint jobs.
[SCR] Sparta 4 Bolster Log Trailer by Smarty
104 2021-05-30 1.0.2  (1)
A typical steel plantation-style log trailer supporting ownership, freight market, and World of Trucks.
1.40 Patch for GTM's Kenworth T610 by Toaster9k1
97 2021-06-18 1.0
A patch I threw together to get GTM's Kenworth T610 working on 1.40+
English - Google Maps Voice (UK) by KoolHoven
93 2021-05-23 1.1
Google Maps GPS Voice Mod
Dunder Mifflin Cargo & Trailer Skin Pack v1.1 by OMNI
89 2021-07-27 1.1
Cargo pack adding Dunder Mifflin Paper Company products, trailer skins and AI traffic trailer skins
[SCR] Peerless CTS-42 Chip Van by Smarty
88 2021-05-30 1.0  (2)
A lightweight, high payload chip van for in-woods use. Supports ownership, freight market, and quick jobs.
Stock Traffic Light Timing Add-On by Greenlightracer
83 2021-07-26 1.41  (3)
Add-On For Better Traffic Mods that adds Stock Traffic Light Timings
Montana/Great America RC by xRECONLOBSTERx
79 2021-07-31 v1
Needed if using Montana Expansion with Great America.
Dunder Mifflin Trailer Skin Pack v1.1 by OMNI
78 2021-07-27 1.1  (2)
Limitless paper in a paperless world
RSH W900A Addon by RSH Modding
77 2021-07-23 2
V2 of my W9a addon for the w9a off the workshop
Driveable Street Sweeper by Sk3lecreeper
74 2021-06-19 1.2
A driveable version of the SCS Ai Street sweeper, which is based off of a 2007 Sterling Acterra equipped with an Elgin Broom Bear.
Stoughton Z-Plate by guidot
72 2021-06-23 1.0
This is an ownable 53' dryvan trailer.
ATS Better Traffic Lite by Greenlightracer
71 2021-07-26 1.40r1  (1)
Aims to give a better traffic experience closer to real life while keeping FPS good This is aimed more at lower end computers that struggle with FPS
Butane Fuel Trailer by guidot
71 2021-07-14 1.41  (1)
Butane Fuel Trailer from Haulin' 18WOS.
Half Life 2 Vehicle Engine Pack by Sk3lecreeper
66 2021-06-02 1.0.1
A few vehicle engines with custom sounds based off of vehicles in Half Life 2.
RSH Mack R Rigid Addon by RSH Modding
62 2021-07-19 1
A rigid addon for the Mack R by Harven
ShaineO Traffic Mod 1.40 by ShaineO
58 2021-06-14 1.3
☒ Do Not Reupload without Permission ☒ Do Not Try To Edit Files ☒ Do Not Try to Claim Mod As Yours On Othe Website
Linfox Paintjob Pack by Carsmaniac
52 2021-06-08 1.5  (1)
A pack of Linfox paintjobs supporting 17 trucks and 2 trailers
ATS Longer Traffic Lights From Better Traffic by Greenlightracer
46 2021-08-02 1.41r1  (1)
New Recently Updated
This is simply ONLY the longer traffic light timings from the Better Traffic mod. It changes nothing else.
Wightman Transport Paintjob Pack by Carsmaniac
45 2021-06-10 1.0.1
A pack of Wightman Transport paintjobs supporting 7 trucks and 1 trailer
Howling Wolf Express by Mesu
41 2021-07-11 1.3
This paintjob is available for SCS box trailers with all sizes and for nine trucks.
Psychedelic trailer by Mesu
40 2021-06-23 1.0
Psychedelic paintjob for SCS Box Trailer with all sizes.
Beware of old fart by Mesu
35 2021-06-23 1.0
A paintjob pack for ownable SCS trailers and for 5 trucks.
Stupid paintjob pack by Mesu
32 2021-06-21 1.0
A paintjob pack for ownable SCS trailers and for Western Star 49X.
No Mouse Steering Widget by Etrusan
30 2021-07-03 1.0  (1)
Disables the mouse steering widget.
Manac Ultraplate by guidot
29 2021-07-14 1.41
Manac Ultraplate (2011) Common in North America, this trailer has a number of skins and is ready to haul from the cargo market. Non-ownable for now.
Psychedelic Mack R by Mesu
28 2021-06-23 1.0
Psychedelic paintjob for Harven's Mack R Series.
Globex Paintjob Pack by Carsmaniac
24 2021-07-07 1.6  (1)
A pack of Globex paintjobs supporting 13 trucks and 3 trailers
Sixties pattern paintjob by Mesu
21 2021-06-23 1.0
This paintjob is available for Harven's Freightliner FLB and for SCS box trailers with all sizes.
Wolf Trucking by Mesu
20 2021-07-21 1.0
A paintjob pack for ownable SCS box trailers, for Trailmobile SuperVan and for several trucks.
Dancing bathtub paintjob by Mesu
14 2021-06-23 1.0
This paintjob is available for SCS box trailers with all sizes and for two trucks.
Hippie paintjob by Mesu
12 2021-07-06 1.0
A paintjob for SCS box trailers and for Mack R.
Bullitt paintjob pack by Mesu
4 2021-08-02 1.1
New Recently Updated
A paintjob pack for several trailers and for three trucks.
Toll IPEC Paintjob Pack by Carsmaniac
3 2021-08-01 1.1
New Recently Updated
A pack of Toll IPEC paintjobs supporting 10 trucks and 2 trailers