Hell Creek Ranch skin for B4RT's Wilson Silver Star

Select the Hell Creek paint job in the shop, then when configuring the trailer, used painted panels where the option exists. You'll red for the roof and trailer front. Don't like red, there are other default options. The side panels when painted will have random staining about like a trailer would after a 1,000 mile trip. Where there isn't cow sh*t, the panels will be a stained look, like they have been previously covered with cr*p but have been washed. An alternative to B4RT's used look.

The Hell Creek Light Box is option 09. For the different cow girl and a vertical Hell Creek on the rear of the trailer, select Diamond Red. Must be painted on a non louvered panel. The animated mudflap option 02 has the Hell Creek Brand on it.

Requires B4RT Modding's December 2022 Updated Wilson Silver Star trailer.

Note, if you watch the video, be aware that the numbers in this description are correct. They have changed since the video was made.

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