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Project 3XX by guidot
481 2021-06-22 2.142
Half Fast Gaming's answer to having any 1990's Peterbilt 3XX series truck you'd like in your garage!
Stoughton Z-Plate by guidot
204 2021-08-06 1.41.1
This is an ownable 53' dryvan trailer.
Manac Ultraplate by guidot
91 2021-07-14 1.41
Manac Ultraplate (2011) Common in North America, this trailer has a number of skins and is ready to haul from the cargo market. Non-ownable for now.
Butane Fuel Trailer by guidot
179 2021-07-14 1.41  (1)
Butane Fuel Trailer from Haulin' 18WOS.
Utility 4000DX by guidot
195 2021-08-27 v2
The legendary Utility dryvan 4000DX