EAST Genesis Dump by guidot

East Genesis for ATS 1.43


Bora, Petercar379, Dcving for original Haulin Model

William for conversion from Mac to East

Corey#03 for Restructure of East from framed to frameless and decision to release to ATS

guidot for original conversion to ATS (Big Thanks for the motivation)

Corby for the wheels

Mac Ten For complete restructure of the model and Mat and Def files within

Separation of the model for trailer ownership by guidot

Further def and materials tuning by guidot

This is not to be uploaded anywhere else or used in any trailer packs of any kind. Please respect this. 

Author guidot Verified Creator Follow
License MIT License
Creation Date 2022-04-01
Current Version 1.44a
Game Versions Supported 1.44
Last Update 2022-05-12
Downloads 350
guidot - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden.
This American Truck Simulator add-on was created by guidot and shared in Trailers for American Truck Simulator.