Project 3XX LEDs+
Project 3XX LEDs+ by guidot
All lights that are included in Project 3XX moved to a separate mod.

4,358 3.3

EAST Open Top Dump (model by banshee)
EAST Open Top Dump (model by banshee) by guidot
EAST Open Top Dump Originally a quad axle only, but added tri and spread.

1,452 5.0

EAST Genesis Dump
EAST Genesis Dump by guidot
EAST Genesis dump trailer for SCS loads.

2,576 5.0

Lodeking Stepdeck
Lodeking Stepdeck by Gcode6969
Version 1 Lodeking Stepdeck

4,313 4.8

Aspen HB OilField
Aspen HB OilField by Gcode6969
This is my aspen highboy ingamed by me. Modeled by darmin d3d and habdorn.

2,094 5.0

BiggDogg Pete 379
BiggDogg Pete 379 by Bigg_Dogg89
1987-2003 Pete 379 glider. Build to you needs!

5,605 3.7

Manac Steel Flatbed
Manac Steel Flatbed by guidot
Corby's first model for Haulin' that I converted to ATS.

1,850 5.0

ATS Barrett Live Stock Trailer
ATS Barrett Live Stock Trailer by Anonymous404
ATS Barrett Livestock Trailer.

2,569 5.0