HFG Mods by KnightFreighter

Project 3XX by guidot
Half Fast Gaming's answer to having any 1990's Peterbilt 3XX series truck you'd like in your garage!

2,385 5.0

Stoughton Z-Plate by guidot
This is an ownable 53' dryvan trailer.


Manac Ultraplate by guidot
Manac Ultraplate (2011) Common in North America, this trailer has a number of skins and is ready to haul from the cargo market. Non-ownable for now.


Butane Fuel Trailer by guidot
Butane Fuel Trailer from Haulin' 18WOS.

433 5.0

Utility 4000DX by guidot
The legendary Utility dryvan 4000DX


Wheels from Project 3XX by guidot
Here lives some of the wheels and tires from the various Project 3XX versions.


Project 3XX LEDs+ by guidot
All lights that are included in Project 3XX moved to a separate mod.


Fruehauf Dryvan circa 1975 by guidot
Model by dcving, ingame by guidot (HFG)


Additional Parts for 9900i by guidot
The International 9900i is out! Here's a few parts that will help you stand out from the rest!

523 5.0

EAST Open Top Dump (model by banshee) by guidot
EAST Open Top Dump Originally a quad axle only, but added tri and spread.


EAST Genesis Dump by guidot
EAST Genesis dump trailer for SCS loads.


Steering Creations Compatibility Pack for Project 3XX by guidot
If you'd like to use SCS's versions of the SCI Steering wheel pack in Project 3XX, this mod is for you!


Corby's Western Star 49x Parts Pack by HFG by guidot
Corby has modeled some gems here for the 49x and I was asked to get them in game for your enjoyment!


SiSL Interior Kit for Project 3XX by guidot
This kit will add many items from SiSL's kit to the interior of your Project 3XX build!