Project 3XX by guidot

First things first; credits.

Peterbilt 3XX



Ivan (hardtruckisthebest)

Chris (formerly bay0net)

Tim (polarexpress17)

Jon (Cascadia)






guidot (bake, daycab, multiple edits)

KW_Driver (Transmissions)

Kreichbaum (Sounds)

BK Vissers (testing)

New Parts:

D3D Designs, guidot, EVH5150, Corby

Without the people at the top, we wouldn't be here at the bottom. Enjoy the truck. I have some more coming for it, but Its a bit down the road right now.

330, 357, 377, 377 SFFA, 379, EXHD

Author guidot Verified Creator Follow
License GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
Creation Date 2021-06-22
Current Version 2.146
Game Versions Supported 1.44
Last Update 2022-05-10
Downloads 1,247
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This American Truck Simulator add-on was created by guidot and shared in Trucks for American Truck Simulator.