[SCR] Smarty's Wheel Pack
[SCR] Smarty's Wheel Pack by Smarty
This mod contains an assortment of high quality wheels and tires, with a focus on mixed-service and long haul applications.

1,870 4.3

[SCR] Fontaine Phantom
[SCR] Fontaine Phantom by Smarty
A well-optimized aluminum flatbed supporting SCS cargoes and trailer ownership. Also includes a sidekit option.

1,386 5.0

[SCR] Alutrec Flatbed
[SCR] Alutrec Flatbed by Smarty
A very Canadian all-aluminum flatbed featuring Ontario/Quebec SPIF axle configurations. For trailer ownership only.

872 5.0

ProMods Complete North American Background Map
ProMods Complete North American Background Map by DOWL
High quality background map for ATS with full coverage of North America.

10,449 4.6

Midwest Expansion C2C Required
Midwest Expansion C2C Required by Jacemeister
This map is an currently an addon to Coast to Coast and adds new detail around the US.

60,140 4.6

Project 3XX
Project 3XX by guidot
Half Fast Gaming's answer to having any 1990's Peterbilt 3XX series truck you'd like in your garage!

12,619 4.8

Stoughton Z-Plate
Stoughton Z-Plate by guidot
This is an ownable 53' dryvan trailer.

2,077 5.0

Sound Fixes Pack
Sound Fixes Pack by Drive Safely
This mod has been bringing more immersion to common sounds in the game for over 8 years!

18,783 4.6

Peterbilt 386
Peterbilt 386 by rmodjeski
The official Peterbilt 386 mod for ATS, a R.Modjeski mod.

7,155 4.5

Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast by Homburg
The original map expansion for American Truck Simulator.

69,776 4.5

Butane Fuel Trailer
Butane Fuel Trailer by guidot
Butane Fuel Trailer from Haulin' 18WOS.

885 5.0

Utility 4000DX
Utility 4000DX by guidot
The legendary Utility dryvan 4000DX


Project Straylia
Project Straylia by venom34
Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie Aussie

5,291 4.6

[SCR] Timpte Super Seal
[SCR] Timpte Super Seal by Smarty
A classic reefer with a distinctive appearance. Available in two lengths and two heights.

439 5.0

International 9900i Addons
International 9900i Addons by Digital X
A few addons & tweaks for the newly released International 9900i.


Wheels from Project 3XX
Wheels from Project 3XX by guidot
Here lives some of the wheels and tires from the various Project 3XX versions.


Project 3XX LEDs+
Project 3XX LEDs+ by guidot
All lights that are included in Project 3XX moved to a separate mod.

4,162 2.5

International 9900i×9300
International 9900i×9300 by Overfloater
International 9900i edited to look like a 9300.

2,127 5.0

Harley-Davidson International Lonestar
Harley-Davidson International Lonestar by Jacob94
The 2023 Harley Davidson International Lonestar Is Here And now In ATS.

6,843 4.9

iPad 2020 (Accessory)
iPad 2020 (Accessory) by Lethal Swanson
This Mod adds Ipad 2020 to all SCS trucks.


Kenworth K100E Drom Addon
Kenworth K100E Drom Addon by Krille
Drom chassis for Kenworth K100E by Overfloater