Project Straylia

Project Straylia is a 1:10 scale recreation of the southern coast of Australia. The aim of this project is to bring an authentic Australian trucking experience to ATS with as few compromises as possible. It's not just a map mod, but rather a standalone experience. This mod requires the creation of a new profile, click the documentation link for further instructions. Recommended to use with australian truck and trailer mods.

I'm not going to list all the feature this mod includes, but here's some of them:

  • 500km of aussie roads (mostly bitumen, some dirt)
  • 5 towns / settlements
  • Base game trailers modified to aussie spec for maximum towing capacity - grainhopper and logger trailers
  • Focus on realism - weight regulations, traffic rules
  • Custom companies
  • Custom economy profile
  • Custom weather profiles
  • Living, breathing kangaroos


The map has been updated to work on the newest game version. Includes many things, such as:

  • Cocklebiddy, Madura, Bunda cliffs
  • Reworked weather
  • New signs
  • More overweight trailer configs (up to 270 t)


As this mod modifies a variety of game features, be aware that combining this mod with other mods that modify core game features may break the game. I am not responsible for missing features due to mod conflicts, so please refrain from using Project Straylia with mods that overwrite or modify these functions in any way:

  • Economy mods
  • Weather mods
  • Traffic rules and spawn system mods
  • Time of year mods
  • UI map mods

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