Aradeth's Volvo VNL 670 updated by Digital X by Digital X

Seeing as Aradeth stated we are "free to update or use parts" in his original thread located here:

I took the time to learn how truck modding worked over the past couple of days.

I have fixed:

Dashboard lights now illuminate when headlights are turned on
GPS screen glare
Engine Sounds
Blinker on/off sounds
Indicator stick on/off sounds
Park brake on/off sounds
Horn & Air Horn sounds
Correct position of headlights
Fixed the "blocky" brake light flares
Rear indicator light flares
Reversing light flares

This is my first time doing this, so please bear with me if something isn't correct.

This has only been tested on 1.41

Author Digital X Verified Creator Follow
License All Rights Reserved
Creation Date 2021-09-20
Current Version 1.6.7
Game Versions Supported 1.42
Last Update 2021-10-21
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