RD Moving Van by Krille

"RD" Kentucky moving van trailer. 

This was an old mod i found on some generic mod site, that i had in my mods folder for around half a year before deciding to update/fix it.

Had generic issues, the flares were not great, the light textures were moved back into the trailer itself and werent visible ingame, AO was nonexistent and chrome was questionable at best. I did AO, moved everything to correct position, and did my best to fix the broken flares with the limited modding knowledge i have.

Trailer has been tested on 1.43 by me on two different profiles, aswell as a friend. It had no issues. The trailer originally was for 1.40, so i put the version to 1.40 aswell. If it does not work on those versions, please notify me 

Original credits are of course in the mod description. Original author has given permission for mod to be updated and re-uploaded.

Disclaimer: Truck in picture not included. 

Enjoy! :)

Author Krille Follow
License MIT License
Creation Date 2022-01-10
Current Version 1.3.0
Game Versions Supported 1.43, 1.42, 1.41, 1.40
Last Update 2022-01-10
Downloads 450
Krille - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden.
This American Truck Simulator add-on was created by Krille and shared in Trailers for American Truck Simulator.