Real companies, gas stations & billboards Extended

This add-on of our popular real companies, gas stations & billboards mod will go further where the Steam limitations can take us. In the initial release we have decreased the number of Walmart's by changing them to Target and Swift depots. This means Target and Swift won't be just in the Texas DLC anymore. It also opens the door to add regional supermarkets in the future.

Also in the initial release is IKEA. We took the ETS2 prefab and placed in ATS. There are about 9 depots, all in the cities we're they are in real-life. Last, but not least, we opened up some landmarks to deliver to. You can now go to several stadiums, convention centers and maybe even a festivalground..

For this mod, the Texas & Colorado DLC's are required! There is absolute no compatibilty with any other mapmods, nor will there be in the future. But we share our mapsectorlist below so you can make it compatible! This is because there are just too many mapmods and even more combinations for us to consider.

We made a list on how to get the most used mapmods compatible below.

If you have a conflict with an other mapmod, just take a look at the sectorlist and delete the sector yourself in your local mod. This way the mod is compatible just for you, you only just loose a few depots to go to.

Please note: mapmods that only extend the current DLC map (e.g. C2C) ar usually compatible with this mod.

Load order:

  • Real companies, gas stations and billboards extended
  • Real companies, gas stations and billboards
  • All other mods


  • Custom prefab triggers by Kirrou


As there are still some compatibility questions, below a list of how to make this mod compatible with

the most used mapmods;

For ATS expansion simply delete the following sectors in either one of the mods;

sec-0001+0014 Victoria, TX

sec-0002+0008 Dallas, TX

sec-0002+0009 Waco, TX

sec-0002+0010 Waco, TX

sec-0002+0011 Waco, TX

sec-0006+0013 Del Rio, TX

sec-0013-0011 Laurel, MT

sec-0014-0005 Rock Springs, WY

For Mountain Rework by Kooliz, delete the following sector in either one of the mods;

sec-0025-0016 Seattle, WA

For Reforma map,

NOT supported anymore

For all other mapmods you can look up the sectors below, we don't have a list for all mapmods as there a just too many out there.

sec+0000+0009 Tyler

sec+0000+0011 Huntsville

sec+0001+0010 Lufkin

sec+0001+0012 Houston

sec-0001+0014 Victoria

sec-0002+0008 Dallas

sec-0002+0009 Dallas

sec-0002+0010 Waco

sec-0002+0011 Austin

sec-0002+0012 Austin

sec-0003+0012 Austin

sec-0006+0013 Del Rio

sec-0007+0005 Amarillo

sec-0009-0001 Denver

sec-0010-0001 Denver

sec-0012+0004 ABQ

sec-0013-0011 laurel

sec-0014-0005 Rock Springs

sec-0015+0003 Gallup

sec-0015-0011 Bozeman

sec-0016-0008 Jackson

sec-0016-0013 Helena

sec-0017+0005 Show Low

sec-0018-0004 Salt Lake City

sec-0018+0001 Page

sec-0019+0006 Phoenix

sec-0020-0005 Phoenix

sec-0020+0006 Phoenix

sec-0021-0003 Ely

sec-0021-0009 Boise

sec-0021-0010 Boise

sec-0022+0001 Las Vegas

sec-0022+0002 Primm

sec-0025-0004 Reno

sec-0025-0005 Reno

sec-0025-0016 Seattle

sec-0026+0004 LA

sec-0026-0005 Reno

sec-0026-0012 Bend

sec-0026-0014 Portland

sec-0027-0014 Portland

sec-0028-0012 Eugene

sec-0029-0004 Sacramento

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