Universal English Localization for Map Mods

Some map mods do not properly provide localization for their city & country names to English or the local language.

This mod aims to fix that and hopefully push forward localization, which has existed since v1.33, in the modding community.


This is a DIRECT replacement for "English City Names" mods for the below listed mods (you do not need to have all the maps, any combination works).

Just place this mod file above all the map mods listed below in the mod manager.

Supported Mods

  • The Great Steppe (v2.0 or newer) - Missing local names in Kazakh/Russian
  • Volga Map (v1.2) - Names not input for localization (hardcoded in Russian)
  • Romania Extended (v3.0/v2.7) - Names not input for localization (hardcoded in Ukrainian)
  • Project Caucasus (v1.0) - Missing local names & localization inputs incorrect (hardcoded in English)
  • SibirMap (v2.1.1b) - English names input correctly and working as intended, although missing default Russian localization file

(Issues with original mods in red or orange, due to this mod versions are restricted. This is because I have to override their city files so any changes to those on their end may break stuff.)

(Note: These issues are not present when you use this mod, this mod is created to fix them, but as a side effect it limits which versions of said mods you can use.)

Other Included Languages

If you wish to help contribute by adding a language, please fork the project on GitHub and create a pull request.

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