Drivable Jazzycat’s classic pack

Hello everyone! I’m happy to share this little mod I made which makes some of the vehicles from Jazzycat’s classic pack drivable.

This is not a standalone mode, it requires Sk3lecreeper’s “Driveable AI” as well as Jazzycat’s classic pack to work. Please read the Manual!

So far 24 vehicles from the classic pack were made drivable:

Buick Century 4th-gen. (1982-1996)

Buick Regal Grand National Coupe (1987)

Chevrolet Blazer 2nd-gen. (1973-1991)

Chevrolet Impala 5th-gen. Sedan (1977-1985)

Chevrolet Monte Carlo 4th-gen. Coupe (1981-1988)

Chevrolet Silverado 1st-gen. (1973-1991)

Chevrolet Suburban 7th-gen. (1973-1991)

Dodge Monaco 3rd-gen. (1974-1977)

Ford Bronco 3rd-gen. (1980-1986)

Ford E-250 3rd-gen. (1975–1991)

Ford LTD Crown Victoria (1983-1991)

Ford Mustang 3rd-gen. (1979-1993)

GMC Sierra 1st-gen. (1988-2002)

Jeep Cherokee 2nd-gen. (1984-2001)

Mercury Grand Marquis 1st-gen. (1983-1990)

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Classic 5th-gen. (1978-1988)

Pontiac Fiero (1984-1988)

Pontiac Grand Prix 5th-gen. (1981-1987)

Vanilla “Farland” bus (as a bonus)

If you like my mod and want to know about updates, report issues or make suggestions, please feel free to join my group on Steam:



·       Kawaii Anime Waifu Hunter (author)

·       Noeny (author of ETS2 Drivable AI mod who helped out a lot and gave permission to use some of the files)

·       Sk3lecreeper (author of the original “Driveable AI” mod)

·       Jazzycat (author of the “Classic Cars AI Traffic Pack”)

·       GoingGoingGONE & vial_ (play testing)

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