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A normal ETS2/ATS player.
[1.49]Ferry Adjustment
[1.49]Ferry Adjustment by imxiaoanag
Adjust or delete some ferry(train) lines in some mods.

924 4.7

[1.49]Universal Fix&Localization
[1.49]Universal Fix&Localization by imxiaoanag
Universal Fix&Localization

10,530 4.8

[1.49]Universal Fix&Localization for ATS
[1.49]Universal Fix&Localization for ATS by imxiaoanag
Fix Flags in some mods in ATS and support more localizations

1,595 5.0

[1.49]Road to Asia+Belt of The Tundra Fix
[1.49]Road to Asia+Belt of The Tundra Fix by imxiaoanag
Road to Asia+Belt of The Tundra Fix Mod

2,866 5.0

[1.49]Road to Asia+SouthEast Asia Fix
[1.49]Road to Asia+SouthEast Asia Fix by imxiaoanag
Fixes Conflicts between Road to Asia and Southeast Asia Map Addon

4,791 5.0

[1.49]Nordic Extended Conflict Fix
[1.49]Nordic Extended Conflict Fix by imxiaoanag
Nordic Extended Conflict Fix


1.48 Utlities ETS2 by imxiaoanag
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Contains 4 projects
1.49 Utilites ETS2 by imxiaoanag
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