[1.50] Hamza's Ultimate Ferry Adjuster

About the mod:

Hamza's Ultimate Ferry Adjuster removes and adds ferry and train connections to make the perfect routes for your jobs.

Currently adjusts ferries for every map mod except:

  • Outdated mods (With exception of some, see below) | Reason: They're outdated, most people don't use them.
  • Mapa EAA | Reason: Not compatible in global map combos anymore.
  • ROC | Reason: I don't use the map and have no interest in it currently.
  • European Grand Utopia | Reason: I don't use the European version of this mod as it's fictional.
  • EurArica | Reason: I don't have the mod because it's paid.
  • SFIGC | Reason: I don't use the mod.
  • Southeast Asia | Reason: I don't use the mod.
  • Road to Athens | Reason: I don't use the mod.

Outdated mods that are supported:

  • Maldives Map: Removed Calais[FR]-Male[MV] ferry, added Mogadishu[SO]-Male[MV] (Horn of Africa) and Merak[ID]-Male[MV] (Java Road Revolution) ferry
  • West Africa: Removed Nouakchott[MR]-Valencia[ES], added Nouakchott[MR]-Ceuta[ES] (El-Enclaves), Nouakchott[MR]-Banjul[GM] (Heart of Africa), Banjul[GM]-Yeji[GH] (Heart of Africa), Malabo[GQ]-Capetown[ZA] (Road Into Wilderness)

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This Euro Truck Simulator 2 add-on was created by HamzaB67 and shared in Map Patches for Euro Truck Simulator 2.