ATS Map Mod Collections

ATS Maps Addons
Project: Mid-Atlantic
Project: Mid-Atlantic by GrayBones
C2C rebuild of the Mid-Atlantic region.

49,550 4.8

Project Better Arizona
Project Better Arizona by AzNate
Additions and improvements for Arizona in ATS.

46,000 4.7

Midwest Expansion C2C Required
Midwest Expansion C2C Required by Jacemeister
This map is an currently an addon to Coast to Coast and adds new detail around the US.

60,033 4.6

Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast by Homburg
The original map expansion for American Truck Simulator.

69,275 4.6

Reforma by Eblem
Reforma map mod which includes vast regions in Mexico and the United States. Please support or

354,730 4.7

Discover Ontario
Discover Ontario by Attom
Version V0.3.1 for SCS 1.49 minor bug fix

45,568 4.8

CanaMania by Homburg
The original map of Canada for ATS (previously known as Canadream).

60,635 4.3

Washington Lake cabin (A-Frame)
Washington Lake cabin (A-Frame) by Sythendrius
Adds an offgrid retreat in northern Washington with full interior that works as a purchasable garage.

7,311 5.0

Reforma Esterlon
Reforma Esterlon by Eblem
Esterlon is a made-up country for a map mod project in ATS, featuring unique road signage and cities inspired by the US and Mex.

15,389 4.0