ATS map mods by Cobalt4000

Montana Expansion by xRECONLOBSTERx
This version is for 1.44.

31,905 4.6

ProMods Complete North American Background Map by DOWL
High quality background map for ATS with full coverage of North America.

5,361 5.0

50 United (Former Midwest Expansion) C2C Required by Jacemeister
This map is an currently an addon to Coast to Coast and adds new detail around the US. It will eventually become C2C independent in the future.

30,544 4.7

Coast to Coast by Homburg
The original map expansion for American Truck Simulator.

13,500 4.6

Reforma by Eblem
Reforma map mod which includes vast regions in Mexico and the United States. Please support or

97,161 4.7

Montana/Canadream RC by xRECONLOBSTERx
This is needed if using Coast2Coast with Canadream.

11,602 5.0

ProMods Pacific & North American Map Background by DOWL
ATS background map with extended Pacific coverage.

641 4.0

Discover Ontario by Attom
Now updated to V0.1.4 Added Ottawa, Connections should work with 50 States (Midwest) when available.

10,961 5.0

Canadream by Homburg
The original map of Canada for ATS.

14,797 4.5

ProMods Canada - SCS Improvements Fix by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Fixes the SCS Improvements Promods Canada Fix