ATS maps

Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast by Homburg
The original map expansion for American Truck Simulator.

78,792 4.5

Reforma by Eblem
Reforma map mod which includes vast regions in Mexico and the United States. Please support or

382,290 4.7

Discover Ontario
Discover Ontario by Attom
Version V0.3.2 for SCS 1.50

49,384 4.8

Reforma Mega Resources
Reforma Mega Resources by Eblem
Mega package file that includes 3D models, assets, signs, vegetation and other props for American Truck Simulator.

130,300 4.6

Bonjour Quebec
Bonjour Quebec by Attom
Version V0.1.2 for SCS 1.50 Thanks to "Geno" for all conections to other maps

28,018 4.8

The Great Mid-North Expansion
The Great Mid-North Expansion by Geno
Adding cities across US and Canada

17,912 4.7

TGMN D-Ontario RC
TGMN D-Ontario RC by Geno
connects TGMN and Dis-Ontario

11,449 5.0

The Great Mid-North Alaska NTTF connectios

4,328 5.0

TGMN Promods RC
TGMN Promods RC by Geno
a connection for TGMN and PM

9,403 5.0

[1.50] Jerry's Fullscreen Maps (ATS)
[1.50] Jerry's Fullscreen Maps (ATS) by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Fullscreens Most of the Maps in the Game


Reforma Other Maps Patch
Reforma Other Maps Patch by Eblem
This patch makes it possible to have compatibility with other map mods in ATS.

4,122 5.0