1:1 Time Scale Europe

Update 2023/2024: NOT MAINTAINED. COMPATIBILITY NOT GUARANTEED (but it should work? maybe?).

This mod changes the time scale of the Europe map to allow 1 in-game minute to last 1 real-world minute.


  1. It was created for ETS2 version 1.44. It has been known to work on other versions, but it is unknown to me if it will work in the future.
  2. Load order is preferred above maps and economy mods.
  3. Note that I will not be creating any additional versions of this mod for other time scales. If you want to fix any compatibility issues, or create a new version, I recommend learning the basics of the map editor and creating a mod from scratch yourself.


  1. The first in-game minute after loading the game or changing the time will last anywhere between 10 and 50 real-world seconds, but every minute after that will last the correct amount of time.
  2. The background map is not always shown properly, and this is especially a problem with custom background maps.
  3. Distances are much shorter than they should be. This is because the game calculates the size of the world map by this same scale factor. Delivery payment and fuel consumption will be affected.

Files included:

 - /map/europe.mbd (That's it, that's the only file; if you're going to create your own version of this mod, remove all but that file unless you find another file is necessary to fix an issue.)

Contact: Send a private message here or email me [email protected].

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