Project: Mid-Atlantic
Project: Mid-Atlantic by GrayBones
C2C rebuild of the Mid-Atlantic region.

56,349 4.8

Midwest Expansion C2C Required
Midwest Expansion C2C Required by Jacemeister
This map is an currently an addon to Coast to Coast and adds new detail around the US.

61,651 4.6

Reforma by Eblem
Reforma map mod which includes vast regions in Mexico and the United States. Please support paypal.me/eeblem or patreon.com/eblem.

393,689 4.7

CanaMania by Homburg
The original map of Canada for ATS (previously known as Canadream).

64,127 4.4

Texoma REWORKED by TornadoKegan
A SCS Addon Focusing on Reworking the North Texas/Oklahoma Region

3,475 1.5