D-C Trucking Kenworth CBE

D-C Trucking Kenworth CBE By Southland Mods - E. Daigle

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Denver-Chicago Trucking Co. had its beginnings in the early 1930s, a 31' International A-5 did the hauling back then. The real growth began in 1939 with the purchase of Denver-Los Angeles Trucking Co., this purchase added Los Angeles, San Diego, and Arizona to the routes. 

By the end of WWII, D-C had purchased a few other companies including the purchase of Adams Transfer & Storage Co. of Kansas City. With that acquisistion, D-C had the rights to the East Coast and becoming a coast to coast carrier. By the mid to late 50's, the fleet numbered over 3000 units consisting of six or seven different brands of tractors. By 1966, employees numbers 3500. In 1969, they merged with 2 other companies and formed TIME-DC 

I know some will be saying, why did I paint a "Yard Toter", but what many of you do not know, in the 1950's, Kenworth came out with the CBE, or Cab Beside Engine configuration for highway trucks, including a sleeper variant. This was one of the first attempts to lighten up power ends for more freight in the days of strict length restrictions for road trucks. D-C Trucking was one of the largest users of the CBE, which the majority were sleeper versions used in team operations. 


  • You will need the following Truck, HFGs Kenworth CBE by HFG


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