Updated SCS In Game Company Trucks & Trailers

SCS in game company skins for the base game trucks and trailers. Currently the has the following,

-New 12/31/23 579 Wallbert Mudflaps -

-New 12/31/23 9900i Goliath Mudflaps -

-New 12/31/23 Volvo VNL Bushnell -

-New 12/31/23 Wallbert W900 All Cabs -

-New 12/31/23 Vitas W900 86 Studio -

  • Bushnell - 389, Volvo, Viper2 all cabins, box trailers, hopper and bulk feed
  • USBB - T680, international LT and Box Trailers
  • Home Store - 389, 579 all cabs, International 9900i all cabins, Box Trailers and Sliding Tarp Trailers
  • Wallbert - Cascadia, W900 Aero and Studio cabs, 579, Viper2 all cabins, Box trailers and sliding tarp trailers
  • Chems - 389 all cabs, Box Trailers and Sliding Tarp Trailers
  • Global Mills - Lonestar, Box Trailers and Sliding Tarp Trailers
  • American Lines - Mack all Cabs, 579 all cabs and Box Trailers
  • Goliath - 49x all cabs, Cascadia all cabs, 9900i all cabins, Box Trailers and Sliding Tarp Trailers
  • HMS - Viper2 all cabins, SCS 389 all cabins, International 9900i all cabins
  • Plaster&Sons - International 9900i all cabins
  • Add multiple sets of mudflaps for trucks and trailers
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