Greenstein Trucking GMC Astro

Greenstein Trucking GMC Astro

By Southland Mods/E. Daigle

Part of the Fallen Flags Series

After digging around through many resources, I wasnt able to get much about the history of Greenstein, compared to many of the other packs Ive made. However with the limited

information I have acquired, they were in operation from the late 50's to the early 90's. Owned by Shendel Greenstein and her husband, Shendel stayed behind the helm of Greenstein

for over 40 yrs till her death in 1993.

Greenstein Trucking was a 100% owner operator company, meaning no company trucks, but, Greenstein had their own colors for the trucks that ran for the company, every truck that

put the company logo on, had to be in company colors, one way or another, meaning, not one truck was painted identical. They were a variaty of stripe combinations, but all of them

had the same color green, in one form or another.

Truck Needed

Cory Watsons GMC Astro

You can get it on his Facebook page, A.T.S. Custom Classics

Hope Yall enjoy It

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Version 1.0

Hey everyone, While Im not officially asking anyone to pay for my paintjobs, be aware that some of them take quite a while to make and test to be sure they are correct and completely error free, if you want to donate anything for them its totally up to you, but they will continue to be free regardless

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