Caribbean Ferry Killer (A Caribbean Add-on)

Caribbean Ferry Killer (A Caribbean Add-on)

I grew weary of the ferry chaos on the Caribbean Map, so I took it upon myself to tidy things up! I removed unnecessary ferries from the map, establishing logical connections with a cleaner look, and incorporating curved lines to prevent obscuring islands. To add a touch of realism, I adjusted prices and distances to align with real-world values.

The map may not seem packed with connections, but I assure you there're enough connections! While you may need to catch a few more ferries, it's a positive change. This aligns perfectly with my intended goal! Now, there's a greater chance you'll embark on a scenic drive to reach the ferry, enhancing the overall engagement of exploring the Caribbean Map.

The first picture highlights the active changes made by the mod, while the second picture serves as a visual reference for the original state, providing a clear basis for comparison. Additionally, this add-on addresses warnings and errors related to non-existent ferries in the log, contributing to a reduction in the likelihood of crashes. This add-on is inspired by Jerry's Ferry Killer mod for ETS2. It's not a ferry simulator, after all.


Load Order

Both of my add-ons have been tested and included in the North America map combo by GMC Logistics. Thank you immensely for this opportunity! Personally, I'm using GMC Logistics' Great America map combo. However, I've excluded Great America's map and add-ons due to compatibility issues with the Caribbean Map. As a result, I had to replace the ATS Expansion C2C & GA with the standard one, as it is not included in the "Caribbean" map combo.

I determined this load order based on the guidance provided by GMC Logistics Load Order.

  • Fullscreen Map (optional)
  • Background Map
  • Caribbean-Texas Ferry (designed for non-C2C players)
  • Caribbean Ferry Killer
  • Caribbean Map


This mod is likely to be compatible with a wide range of fullscreen mods and background maps.

Due to conflicts between the Caribbean Map and Great America, this add-on isn't compatible with Great America's map and add-ons.



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