Montana Expansion 2.0

Montana Expansion 2.0 will not be as ambitious as the original for obvious reasons. The goal is to add some highways that were left out, build some custom farms, logging sites, a mine or 2 as well as a few truck stops.

After over 2000+ building the original, I hope as you drive around the addon, there is not a significant drop in quality.

We will start with the addition of the truck stop at the junction of US93/I90, as well the addition of the sale barn across from Missoula Kenworth,

and see where the future leads on this project.

Thanks to Googles56 for Montana Expansion 2.0 truck skins,

Thanks to Sineptorro for Big Bud and Magnum models, and adding them as cargoes,

Thanks to Darkness for the use of his models,

Thanks to beta testers Kaiser and Marian @GMC Logistics, and JohnSeeger

My goals are,

  1. Add the Welker Farm at Shelby
  2. Find a way to add MT13 from Wolf Point to Circle
  3. Add MT200 from Missoula to Great Falls
  4. US212 from Crow Agency to Broadus
  5. Add as much of US12 in the state as I can
  6. Build at least 4 custom farms, 2 logging sites and 2 mines
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