MUO/Sierra Nevada Compatibility Patch

This patch is currently incompatible with ATS 1.50 and newer, since SCS has reworked the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding parts, which conflicts with Minor/Lite Urban Overhaul and Reforma Sierra Nevada. We'll wait on the status of those two mods, but judging from the sectors, this patch won't be needed anymore for 1.50 and newer.

This mod adds connections between Reforma Sierra Nevada Legacy and Quaristice's Minor Urban Overhaul.

The mod fixes connections in these areas:

  • Uses Quaristice's I-580 and I-80 connection between MUO's Oakland and the refreshed Reforma Sacramento (ATS 1.40-1.43)

It also uses Mega Resources and SCS California signage in the MUO interstates, such as Oakland and Stockton. Moreover, as SCS, Reforma, and Quaristice update their map areas, this patch will also be updated to reflect the changes.

Requires Reforma Sierra Nevada Legacy, either Minor or Lite Urban Overhaul, and Mega Resources.

Compatible with PaZzMod Legacy. As of ATS 1.47, MUO/SN Compatibility Patch is also compatible with the main Reforma Map, as long as MUO/Reforma Compatibility Patch is activated as well.

Load order:

  • MUO/SN Compatibility Patch
  • MUO/Reforma Compatibility Patch (optional) (ATS 1.47 and newer)
  • Reforma Sierra Nevada Legacy
  • Reforma Map (optional) (ATS 1.47 and newer)
  • Mega Resources
  • Either Minor Urban Overhaul or Lite Urban Overhaul

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