ProMods & West Balkans DLC Merge {Balkansksa Spajalica}

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I am sure many of us want to play the newest West Balkans DLC alongside ProMods map, sadly that wasnt officially possible until 1.50... But I went ahead and made it possible :D. This mod merges West Balkans DLC with ProMods. It offers uniqe mix of ProMods Balkans content and West Balkans DLC. ProMods & West Balkans DLC Merge {Balkanska Spajalica} map featuers:

- added ferry connections with realistic times and prices

- added license plates codes for almost all Balkan cities

- added couple of secret roads on the Balkan peninsula

- combination and unique mix of ProMods Balkans and West Balkans DLC

- corrected city names size and letter position on the map for all ProMods cities

- expanded standard West Balkans DLC, with many more cities visible on the map

- flags on the hud, radar (minimap) when entering another country, like in the rest of ProMods

- notification with country name & flag when entering another country, like in the rest of ProMods

- very few to no visual bugs compared to previous versions

- roads that lead to nowhere are all hidden from the map

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