My American Truck Simulator (ATS) Map Mods from Homburg and Jerry GMC Master Fixer

Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast by Homburg
The original map expansion for American Truck Simulator.

69,274 4.6

[OBSOLETE] Caribbean Map - Promods Fix
[OBSOLETE] Caribbean Map - Promods Fix by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Fixes Semaphore Conflict between the maps

7,136 4.5

[1.49] Caribbean - C2C Connector Fix
[1.49] Caribbean - C2C Connector Fix by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Fixes Caribbean - C2C Connector Fix

13,795 4.3

Reforma Sierra Nevada
Reforma Sierra Nevada by Eblem
The Sierra Nevada map mod for American Truck Simulator expands the game world to include the stunning Sierra Nevada region in California and Nevada.

31,811 4.8