Interstate Motor Lines #1573

Interstate Motor Lines #1573 Freightliner FLA By Southland Mods - E. Daigle

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Only one truck running through the mountains and deserts of Utah and Nevada is how founder Thomas Carter started is truck line, Salt Lake and Ely Transportion Co. in 1929. Freight at that time was anything he could load on his truck. By 1932 the name of the company changed to Interstate Motor Lines.

From this humble beginning, by 1956 Carter purchased several other companies, which extended the freight lanes from Los Angeles to Chicago. In 1962 Thomas Carter passed away, leaving the the company in the hands of his two sons, Robert and Joe in charge of IML. The company continued to extend its reach further east to Louisville and Cincinnati in 1963 by acquiring two more companies.

In 1964, the name was again changed for the 3rd time, from Interstate Motor Lines to IML Freight Inc. In 1965 IML became part of the GATES Rubber Co. and by 1966 IML became the eighth motor carrier to provide coast to coast operations with the purchase of Eastern Motor Dispatch of Columbus,Ohio.

During the 1970s IML continued to grow by adding more terminals in several key cities across the country. By the end of 1974, IMLs fleet totaled 625 tractors, 493 trucks and over 2300 trailers.

Unfortunately IML finally closed its doors in march of 1984 after 55 years of operation


  • You will need the following Truck, FL86 by HFG


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