Road Connection Between Promods Canada and Alaska - North To The Future

Welcome to my map project! 

On a mission to connect Promods Canada with Alaska North to the Future! 

Get ready for a nice long journey through British Columbia and Yukon! Both Promods Canada and Alaska - North to the Future maps are required. 

Have fun!

Sythendrius has made his A-Frame cabin mod an addon to the RC:

Standard Version

Winter Frosty Version

Have fun!


Mod Load Order:

For the best map combo experience please use GMC Logistics' ATS & ETS 2 map combos:

Place the RC above both PM and ANTTF maps in your load order and place the Cabin addon above the RC.

(Find the relevant map combo you want to use, go in the description, click 'Show more', and open their excellent PDF document where you will find all the links that are needed, in the correct load order for your mod manager!)

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