Cummins NTC Big Cam Straight pipe sound

This mod is Cummins NTC Big Cam straight pipe sound for SCS and modded trucks

Latest Version Feature:

-Cummins NTC Big Cam 290-444HP and 605HP tuned engines with straight pipe sound

-Custom sound attenuation for realistic sound fade off and distortions

-Improved exhaust attenuation with stacks simulation for realistic exhaust sound

-Custom sound orientation for realistic sound from different angle

-Realistic turbo behavior

-Included idle jake brake system

-Included Customizable Additional Supported Trucks (CAST)

If you don't know what CAST is :

Quick tutorial on how to use CAST

1. Goto def/vehicle/truck/

2. Rename one of zcustom_xx into truck def name you want

How to use idle jake brake:

1. hold light horn button (J button) for 1 second, then release

2. tap light horn button once again, and idle jake brake should be engaged

3. Repeat the same process to turn off

Note: idle jake brake system doesn't compatible with mods that contain interior switches sound

(Sound fixes pack is exceptional but keep piority under my mod)


Slav Jerry - sound samples, mixing and modding

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3.0 (very hotfix)
1.45 1.44 1.43
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This American Truck Simulator add-on was created by Slav Jerry and shared in Sounds for American Truck Simulator.